6 Steps to sensational phyllo

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How do I use phyllo dough?

6 Steps to sensational phyllo

** Make sure to completely thaw frozen phyllo dough before beginning to use it. It`s best to do this in the fridge overnight.

**Fillings need to be made ahead of time and completely cooled before you begin to fill the phyllo.

**Melt butter in the microwave and let cool. Milk solids that go to the bottom of the bowl are watery and should not be used.

**To keep phyllo from drying out while working with it, cover it with a clean, very very slightly damp kitchen towel.

**Brush the tops of the finished pastries with butter or cooking spray.

** If you're making the pastries/appetizers ahead and want to freeze them, place on parchment covered cookie sheets, flash freeze and then store in airtight containers in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.



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